About Akolyta

On this page, you will find all the essential information about this game. It includes a basic description of the game, key facts, the background of the game, and an overview of the story. Find out more of what is to come NOW!

Gorenwille Stories

This page includes the dark stories (lore) from the city of Gorenwille that will help you better understand the world of the game, the city in which the game takes place, and introduces you to new interesting characters and their backstories. This page is not updated regularly.

Monthly Briefing

Behind the scenes content in the form of posts. In these posts, we will tell what happened in the studio for one month, what we did that month, what went well, and what did not. It is our way to keep you engaged during the whole development of Akolyta. Starting on December 31st 2020 new posts will be released last day of every month.