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Welcome to the website of the most anticipated game that will leave you in a before and after shock state after your playthrough. This is not just your ordinary website. This is the website of the game, that will make you question each and every one of your decisions – decisions that can either work in your favor … or kill you along the way. Choices will be made – in order for the pathway to be cleared. WELCOME TO AKOLYTA!

Latest News

  • Future of Updates

    We are sorry for the silence on social media. At this moment we are still polishing our internal demo and we‘re discussing Akolyta‘s future. This includes lots of hours sitting behind the computer, replaying the […]

  • Monthly Briefing #6 May

    In this episode of Monthly Briefing, we will tell you more about testing the demo/vertical slice, hating your game, learning how to love it again and how to approach feedback! This episode was brought to you by Creative Director – Jan Bostl.

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Key Facts

  • 1st Person
  • Horror Adventure
  • Non-Linear Story
  • Original and Gritty Story
  • Developed in CryENGINE V

The Journey

Full name – Marshall Prime. A star studded , legend , in the Gorenwille Police Department. Most decorated and accomplished detective, who led the cavalry that decimated one of the top tier criminal empires in the city. Statistics speaks for itself , as Marshall Prime is the most respected detective to have graced the Gorenwille Police Department. But quite recently , Marshall found himself in the belly of the beast. With a tirade of quick , succession of murders that have taken place , Marshall is caught in a conundrum … failing to make any sort of connection between those heinous crimes. Its a full moon , you’re at your office , drowning in a bottle of Vodka , going through the documents about the gruesome murders , you then find a letter , addressed to you. You’ll open it and find out that you may have an eye-witness , waiting to rendezvous with you at the Gorenwille City Theater. Your journey into the darkness has only just begun!

Current Status

We at Pterosoft studio are working hard to improve the game as much as we can to bring you the best experience possible. Right now we are working on a playable prototype including one level that will get you to know the story, atmosphere, and game mechanics. After the work is done we plan to release it as a demo version so that the horror game audience will get the chance to play it as well. After it’s completion we’ll start to work on the rest of the game and we plan to release the full game 3 – 4 years after the prototype/demo version is done.

The Community

If you are a fan of horror videogames or just a horror, in general, there are several ways you can join us. You can follow us on social media – we are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube – or another way to join us is on Discord on which we have our server where you can meet not just developers but like-minded people!

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