Demo Update 1.4.2

After some time we have another update for the demo version for you! This update is a smaller one including some of your feedback as well as a few bug fixes. We also changed how we want to release new updates in the future.

What changed

There are two new features in the 1.4.2 update. We added new geometry to the environment that better reflects the environment setting and adds a little bit more detail – new office assets including paper documents, a new table, file folders, and an ashtray with cigarettes and we added an autopsy table, medical light, and medical stalls that will be featured in the last part of the level replacing the already existing assets. We also decided to implement your feedback – specifically, we changed the depression UI font to more reflect the situation that Marshall – the main character – will find himself in.

Updates Future

We also decided to change the way we release updates. In the past, we were focusing on big updates releases. The 1.4 update was probably the biggest one which took almost a year to make and debug. Because we don’t want to leave you without an update for another year we decided to start releasing smaller updates but more frequently. This way you will get new features and bug fixes more often and there will be more for you to see.

We hope you will enjoy the new update and as always let us know what you think on our Discord server. We would love to talk to you and we love reading your feedback and potentially implementing it into the game!


  • New Details Added to Environment
  • Different Depression UI Font

Bug Fixes:
  • Dinning Room Missing Collision
  • Moon Light Leak

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