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Future of Updates

We are sorry for the silence on social media. At this moment we are still polishing our internal demo and we‘re discussing Akolyta‘s future. This includes lots of hours sitting behind the computer, replaying the […]

Monthly Briefing #6 May

In this episode of Monthly Briefing, we will tell you more about testing the demo/vertical slice, hating your game, learning how to love it again and how to approach feedback! This episode was brought to you by Creative Director – Jan Bostl.

Monthly Briefing #1 – December

Hi everyone and welcome to the first episode of the monthly briefing. Because the development of videogame can get silent for a long time with no new information we want to give you some glimpses […]

Welcome to new website!

Welcome to the new website that we created for Akolyta. We decided to create a new website for Akolyta that is easily accessible with a new domain we also created a new visual style for […]