What To Expect in 1.4 Update

Hello. In this post, we will tell you more about our plans for the upcoming 1.4 update, what you can expect, and the challenges in the development.

New Features

We want to introduce more new features in the 1.4 update. One of the new features is a new enemy with better animations. We removed the enemy with the gun, reworked some of the already existing locations and we are working on adding new locations and puzzles – making the playtime longer. A new better looking UI will be introduced in the 1.4 update and batteries that will be usable will now be stored in the inventory. The complete list of features is in the #roadmap thread on our Discord server and will be updated throughout the development so if you want to stay up to date make sure to join us!


We have been watching all of the gameplay videos and listened to every feedback we got from you. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who played our game, made a gameplay video, or provided constructive criticism. We noted that the technical state of the demo is not the best at the moment. It is because we are a small indie team without any QA department and therefore it’s hard for us to find all of the bugs. If you want to help us playtest our demo we would be more than happy to work with you. The best way is to contact us on our Discord server. We will also implement some of the feedback we got from you in the next update.


We have announced a 1.4 update last month and we are still working on it. There are several reasons for taking that amount of time before we release it. The first reason is that we are a studio with no funding, working on the game in our free time which is limiting in terms of the time we can put into it. The other reason is the size of the update. In this update, we want to introduce systems like new AI which is the most challenging feature to develop and we are also re-working big portions of the level and adding new content. We also want to make sure the technical state of the update is better than in the previous releases. That’s why it will take some time before we are ready to release the update.

Once again we would like to thank all the players who spend time with the demo and we can’t wait to release the new update! Stay tuned!

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