Demo Update 1.4 In Development


We are working on a new update – 1.4. This will be another big update for the demo. In this update, we will add new gameplay features, remake some of the content and add new content. Some of the features we can announce right now will be a reworked UI, the ability to store the batteries in the inventory, and adding an entirely new and scary location. After we replayed all of the Penumbra game we have some great ideas that we would like to implement into the demo. We hope this will make our demo even better.

As it stands right now we can’t tell you more features we want to add as some of them might not make it into the update and we don’t want to create expectations that won’t be delivered. We have also added a Roadmap thread to our Discord server so that you can see what we want to implement. Features posted there are confirmed to be in the demo and the feature list will be updated along the way.

Once again thank you to all the players who downloaded the demo and we hope to bring you an even better experience. Check out the links below to learn more about Akolyta!




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