Demo Update 1.3


Based on your gameplay we have decided to release a new big update – 1.3. In this big update, we recreated the RPG system, polished a few things, and fixed known issues.

Now you will get XP for every battery, document, audiologues, investigation dialogue, and ammo found and for completing objectives. If you find enough you will level up and get 1 upgrade point that you’ll be able to use for acquiring a special ability of your choosing. We have also replaced the sharpshooter ability with a new ability called Charger.

Now the batteries, ammo, and health kits might be empty and non-usable. We hope this can create more tension in the game. This can be removed using the new Charger ability.

Change list:

  • Recreated RPG System
  • Jumpscare effect time decreased
  • Recreated level lighting
  • Added new ability – Charger
  • Removed sharpshooter ability effect
  • Added news screen before the main menu
  • Added version number to the main menu
  • Game size decreased
  • Explorer ability now has only 1 level
  • The game now includes only 2 endings
  • Better performance
  • Videos are now packaged in .pak – decreasing the size
  • Intro video length increased

Bug Fixes:

  • Intro grammar fixed
  • Memorandum ‘Racial Profiling’ grammar fixed
  • Personal profile grammar fixed
  • Controls grammar fixed

If you find any bugs or want to share your feedback with us please use the form on our website or join our Discord server where we have a dedicated thread. We are grateful for every entry we got from you!

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