Demo Update 1.4.1

Hey everyone.

We just released a new demo update – 1.4.1. This new update does not include any new features. This is a small update that will include several bug fixes that will further improve the experience.

It does not include any of your feedback in this update. However we are listening to your feedback and we will include your feedback in the next update. At this moment our goal is to bring you the demo in the best technical state.

Change list:

  • None

Bug Fixes
  • Lens Flare Leak
  • Anxiety Trigger in UI
  • Depression Code Trigger
  • Depression Code Trigger
  • Doors Code Player Body
  • Abilities Active Not Visible
  • Ammo Clip No Interaction Help
  • Doors not Visible After Save Load
  • No Sound After Save Load
  • Continue Game Not Working
  • UI Abilities Wrong Menu Format

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