1.4 Update is almost finished!


It’s been an incredible journey developing Akolyta. This year we decided to release update 1.4 which will improve a lot of things and add new content. It took us much more time than we originally anticipated as we struggled with our lives and full-time jobs outside of Akolyta. But after so much we’ve been through we finally made it! The game is currently packaging – and getting ready for release.

After that, the game will be tested internally before it’s released to the public. We want to ensure that we release the game in the best technical state possible. If you want to be part of our internal testing team and play the game early please reach out to us on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/DnzGuzC

We hope you’ll like what we have created. As always we can’t wait for your feedback and reactions – that’s what keeps us going! In the meantime here are some new features you can look forward to!


  • New UI design
  • New settings options
  • Multiple language support
  • New/re-worked locations
  • New enemy AI
  • Better inventory system
  • More puzzles
  • Increased gameplay time
  • Batteries stored in inventory
  • Better optimization
  • Shadow view distance increased
  • New lens flares
  • New particle effects
  • More lore content
  • Re-recorded voiceovers
  • Investigation system temporarily disabled
  • Credits added

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