Monthly Briefing #3 – February

Hey everyone and welcome to another Monthly Briefing. This time I have a special guest contributing to this episode – our writer Redewaan. Very talented and amazing member of our team.

One of the amazing things about working on this game is our team and how diversified it is. We have developers from all over the world – the US, South Africa, Czech Republic, Canada to name just a few.

But enough of me and I should let you read what Redewaan wants to tell you. I hope you enjoy it!

Wherever you are, wherever in the world you may be, just know… AKOLYTA is watching you. OK, maybe that sentence may have gripped some of our audiences, or maybe… it caught some of the audiences off guard, and they had to make a run for it. All jokes aside, I would like to welcome you all to yet another monthly review.

Since our last update, as you know what is a game without the four-letter word – D E M O. Yes people, our team is working around the clock to ensure the D E M O will be coming… very… very… soon. So please, keep your eyes peeled to our amazing website, or join our exhilarating, awesome team on Discord, for further updates.

Aside from the D E M O, we do know the game will be filled with all sorts of awesome findings, including… bodies. A deceased body can speak a thousand words, well…maybe not, but I don’t wanna spoil the fun for our eagerly anticipated audience. The riveting storyline, cutting edge graphics, and much much more, will complement not just the D E M O, but, the full game, upon the release date. This game is surely going to captivate audiences around the world. I for one, can’t wait to get my hands on this awesome game. AKOLYTA just has the hallmarks of a classic horror game, that is bound to leave you panic-stricken, with good reason. Each task within the game has its own unique varies from character storylines to character narratives/dialogues ingredient, which adds that special, tantalizing flavor to the project.

For me, my ingredient is the writing part. To craft different stories/ dialogues is exhilarating in its core. Writing happens after the lead director, Jan Bostl brings forward the task that needs to be tended to, whether it be storylines/ dialogues, or even both. From there on, it’s all about drafting, before compiling. Storylines and dialogues run from anything, from telephone conversations to dictaphone tapes, to when the character comes in contact with dead/alive bodies or interacting with objects found throughout the game. The history/backstory of the game also plays an integral part in the writing scheme, as you would need to travel back in time, to put together a gripping and competent storyline/dialogue.

And… before we end off, don’t forget to visit our store for some awesome MERCH. Till we meet again…

Jan Bostl

CEO, Creative Director, Designer, Environment Artist

Redewaan Ducket


If you like this post or the game and would like to know more about it, the way the game is made, what is currently going on, or get to know the people behind the game you can join the Discord server where you will be able to get in touch with the Pterosoft team and find like-minded people who love horror!

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