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In this post, we would like to announce some of the new features that came to Akolyta website and some features that will come in the future. We hope that these add-ons will be viewed positively and that it will increase the quality of the presentation of our game. The new features are the following.


Gorenwille Stories

The first new feature that you can already see on this website is called Gorenwille Stories. This is a category that includes the posts of lore content – recordings, documents, videos, audio files, and many more types of information that will help you understand the world in the game and introduce you to interesting characters and their backstories. 

You can find the link Gorenwille Stories on the Game page.

Coming Soon:

Monthly Briefing

A new feature we are working on is called Monthly Briefing. This will be a series of posts coming out last day of each month in which we want to give you a briefing or news of what was going on that month inside of Pterosoft studio. During the game development, a lot of studios go dark for some time giving fans of their game no news. We decided to change this approach and keep the community engaged during the whole development.

The first episode of Monthly Briefing will be available on the last day of this month December 31st at 1 AM (UTC+1:00).

You will find a link to the Monthly Briefing in Game page and the posts will be available in the News section as well.

We hope that you will like these 2 new features on this website and we will bring you new features in the future as we will release new information about our game. For now, stay tuned to this website and if you want to get in touch with the developers you can join our Discord server!

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