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Hello everyone.

It has been quite some time since the last update regarding Akolyta. We have been working on a demo version that we want to present to publishers to get funding for the game and continue working on it full-time. The demo version is now playable and includes most of the game mechanics that we wanted to implement as well as 1 level and 30 – 60 minutes of gameplay.

And that’s where we need your – the fans of horror videogames to help us. To get the funding for the game the demo needs to be in the best state possible. We are committed to making the game as good as possible but spending most of our free time with it makes it harder to be critical towards it. If you would be interested in playing the closed demo we would love to hear your feedback on the demo.
If you are interested in being part of the development process please join our Discord community and let us know that you came to the server to test the game.

Thank you for continuing support for our project and we hope to see you on our server and hear your feedback!

Pterosoft studio

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