Demo is Released!

Hello everyone.
We are very happy to announce the release of the demo we have been working on for a long time.

Our Journey

We have been working on this demo for several years. Polishing it, scraping it multiple 3 times, and adding new features. It’s been an amazing roller-coaster ride with its ups and downs when we both felt we were on top of the world when new cool stuff in the game worked and there were times when we wanted to cry when we couldn’t get the game working. We finally reached our first big deadline – a playable demo and we have been super grateful for each other, the time we spent together as a team, and the experiences we gained.

What you can expect

From seeing the first gameplay videos we noticed a few bugs that we weren’t able to capture in our playthroughs. For that, we do apologize. We are a small team of passionate developers working on Akolyta in our free time and our development time and capabilities are limited by this. We will do anything in our power to fix all the bugs in the future. We would also like to take this demo as a start to a conversation about our game. We would love to hear your feedback on our game whether you like it or not. Please do tell us what you like or dislike about it and we will consider your feedback and change the demo accordingly in the next updates so that with your contribution we can make it awesome! The playable demo is about 30 minutes long. Atmospheric, dark, and hopefully scary with multiple endings and multiple paths you can choose along your journey with a storytelling style inspired by games like Alan Wake or Max Payne. The demo includes standard horror game mechanics like flashlights, documents, and audiologues as well as special abilities and an investigation system to make the game more interesting.

The Future

As mentioned we will be making new updates with bug fixes and changes that we’ll get from your feedback. That is our priority right now. We hope you can help us shape the demo into a solid base on which we will be able to build a full game. If you want to stay updated please visit our website or join our Discord server where you can get in touch with the community and give us your feedback!

Thank you for reading this post and if you plan to download and play the game thank you so much for doing that we hope to make the best game we can!

– Pterosoft studio

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